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to start business in Dubai

to start business in Dubai

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  • 22 April 2021
How to establish representative office of foreign company in the UAE?

A representative office is basically an extension of an existing foreign branch, however, they are different from foreign branch offices in the way that the foreign branch offices can conduct their business ...

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  • post by admin
  • 22 April 2021
Why do you need a business set up consultant in UAE?

If planning a business formation in the UAE is your goal, it would be best to get yourself a trained UAE consultant who will help you throughout with all the legal activities of your company to keep your hands free ...

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  • post by admin
  • 22 April 2021
Welcome Dubai Expo 2020 to the world on 1st October 2021

The unforeseen global pandemic covid-19 has disrupted many anticipated events all over the world including the Dubai Expo 2020 which had been postponed for a year now. However, the event would be still hosted, the organisers stated that...

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Dzire Business Setup Services in Dubai UAE

Considering the best place to start a business, the prosperous land of Dubai comes to mind at least once. If you want to setup a business in Dubai then you have come to the right place. Our services are designed to help you build your business empire from the very beginning to the very last moment. We have an expert team of highly experienced professionals who have an exceptional knowledge about setting up successful and profitable businesses in Dubai. Our first step will be to find you a reliable and trustworthy sponsor. In the next step, we will help you to get the business license and complete all the necessary formalities. Our help does not stop there; we provide additional support and recommendations for the type of license that suits your particular business. Our expert advice can be a key factor in ensuring your company's maximum profit and success in Dubai.

Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai has transformed itself into a global business and trade hub, making it an attractive and lucrative business destination. It has a reputation for driving the growth of small entrepreneurs and commercial companies, helping them become big and well-known business players. The United Arab Emirates' economy and federal laws are widely regarded as the most liberal in the world. It has a tax-free policy for almost all business activities. This enables Dubai to create a favorable environment for turning business dreams into abundant reality.

Dubai's advantageous location between Europe, Asia, and Africa makes it an ideal location for conducting a wide range of business activities. The UAE's infrastructure and transportation systems are highly developed and ranked among the best in the world. There has been a massive influx of ex-pats of all levels and nationalities drawn to Dubai's lavish lifestyle and tax-free salaries. With the right guidance and knowledge, establishing a Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore business firm is relatively simple and efficient. Choosing our exceptional company formation services in Dubai UAE will ensure a smooth and easy journey toward building your dream business.

Licensing Services

A business license is one of the most important aspects of setting up a company in Dubai/ UAE. Business licenses in Dubai are classified into three types: mainland, free zone, and offshore domains. The Mainland licensing is divided into three subcategories-

  • Commercial license
  • Professional License
  • Industrial license

Other licenses include tourism licenses, freelance licenses, trade licenses, and more. Official licensing formalities must be completed on time and accurately for the license to be successfully approved. All submitted documents must be translated into Arabic by an authorized agency. Lack of understanding, incorrect application, or any discrepancy in the documents may result in rejection of the application. It will cost you not only time and energy but also money; however, our team of experts can help you avoid this. This method should be followed for the letter. Our friendly relations with various government agencies will be useful if any mediation is needed. If you choose to use our active services, our professionals can turn this tedious and ups and downs journey into a fun and successful journey.

Visa Services

Dzire offers a wide range of visa services in Dubai, from visa documents to visa issuance. In Dubai, there are different types of visas available, including-

  • Family visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Freelance Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Maid Visa

To apply for a work permit and labor card, you must have an entry permit, UAE identity card, and a resident visa. The form must be submitted in Arabic. In addition, signatures and approvals from various regulatory bodies and government departments are required. This shows the importance of choosing the right visa type for you. We understand that the complex and time-consuming process of obtaining a visa can be confusing to anyone. We offer special visa services for both individuals and businesses. Our large customer base and important reputation testify to the effectiveness and accuracy of our services. Our expert team will be happy to handle everything from the initial application to the issuance of your visa.

Sponsorship Services

Under Dubai law, a local sponsor is required to participate in the formation of a UAE mainland company. It is important to find and choose a trusted emirate as your sponsor. UAE national or local service agent must be a local sponsor. Sponsorship also requires Ginsia (Family Membership Card) and a valid Dubai Passport. Local sponsors are not involved in the day-to-day running of your company. The role of the sponsor is simply to act as a liaison between you and the UAE government as well as assist you in any formalities.

All of these responsibilities can quickly become a source of stress and anxiety. Our extensive background checks and failure protocols enable us to filter and select the most reliable and trustworthy sponsor for your company. With our exceptional and detail-focused services, you can relax and fully focus on growing your business.

Finance Services

In the journey of achieving the business empire that you have always dreamed of, something as simple as money can bring unwanted obstacles. At Dzire Business Setup and Support Services, we aim to help you build a successful business across all possible boundaries. The financial services we provide are also included but not so limited-

  • VAT registration & return filing
  • Audit services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • CFO services
  • Tax services

The financial services we offer are specifically designed for those who need financial help to start a successful business in Dubai. We are a renowned company for our user-friendly and useful services. Our team is ready to face and overcome the myriad challenges that come with starting a new business on time. If you need help taking another step towards running a successful business in the prosperous land of Dubai, please contact our team.

Bank Account Opening

To set up a company in Dubai, you must first open a corporate bank account. Basic requirements include submission of documents verifying your identity, license details, and business authority as well as relevant approvals. While this may seem like a simple process, opening a bank account can be difficult.

Almost all the best banks in the UAE have close ties with Dzire. We will open a corporate bank account for you. Our team will complete all the documents required to open a bank account and we will assist you in the subsequent process. Our team will charge a nominal fee for opening an account. We promise to provide you with hassle-free service.

Office Space Services

It is important to have an office and workplace in Dubai to provide a professional environment for employees. We can help you at every stage to ensure that you get the right office space. Whether you're a start-up or a large organization, we'll help you find the best place to experiment in a new market.

Before issuing a license for setting up business in Dubai, our team of experts will inspect the site. We also help you find an affordable office and business space that will benefit you. Let us help you find the right place for your business type and it will help you grow with the benefits of a location. We have extensive experience in providing the best space for a wide range of businesses and organizations. We understand the needs of the company and the best place for it. We can count on you to help you find the right place for your company at an affordable price.

Brand Protection Services

Some businesses are required to register their intellectual property. We help you preserve the uniqueness of your brand. In our brand protection service, we adhere to the basic principles. We guarantee that the intellectual property of your organization and individuals will not be misused or stolen and will be kept safe. We protect creative works such as trademarks, inventions, formulas and materials, and art through industrial property protection.

Dzire will responsibly conduct official brand protection formalities. Our in-house expertise across businesses, combined with a methodical understanding of the socio-legal environment, well-organized resources and operations, and a diverse set of experienced investigators and sources, set us apart from the competition. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating trademarks, inventions, and artworks. Our team will follow a specific procedure under UAE federal laws to procure intellectual property rights, copyright, and patents for you.

PRO Services

We are a one-stop-shop for all your pro service needs in Dubai. Many government formalities and legal documents will be required to set up a company in Dubai. All documents are processed by a government-approved liaison officer for approval and authorization. Our knowledgeable representatives will complete it for you. When approaching a government department directly for approval, you may be required to submit all required supporting documents. If this is something new to you, you may be confused by the requirements and sometimes you may not fully understand the requirements.

Our professionals will help you overcome such challenges. We will assist you in the entire process including documentation, document processing, and business establishment at a specific time. Our PRO services will make building a company in Dubai as easy as possible.

Company Liquidation Services

Company liquidation is the process of canceling or dissolving a company; this is the process of closing a company. We specialize in all legal and regulatory issues related to Company Liquidation and have completed several Company Liquidation jobs in Dubai. For company liquidation, you will be assisted by an experienced agency. Our work routine will reduce the disruption to your regular work.

We deal with all banking issues, departmental approval certificates, labor and immigration approvals, boring documents, and any other requirements. The liquidation process can be lengthy and expensive as companies have to coordinate with many external parties to complete everything on time. First of all, the company must be registered for liquidation. The process will involve stakeholders, the legislature, and other parties.

Missing any step, documentation, or negotiation can cause delay and complication, negatively affecting you. As a result, the organization must also be dependable. Because you lack expertise, planning and negotiating with parties will be inconvenient for you. Our experts will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals. They will carry out the procedure in a methodical manner. Our unique features include custom-tailored services based on the needs of the client. We will revise the recommendations based on your detailed diagnosis.

Our experts use secure technology to make it easier for you to start a company liquidation process. Furthermore, our specialized liquidation services expedite the filing of documents and help our clients fulfill their constitutional responsibilities as receivers, liquidators, and alternate superintendents. Our special team will hold internal discussions to determine the growth opportunities and the best way forward based on the nature of your business. We make sure that your company's liquidation in the UAE is handled properly and all documentation procedures are followed. We provide plenty of services. You can select the one you need and discuss it with us. We guarantee the best company formation service in the UAE.

As we deal with the liquidation of your existing company, the end goal is for you to be able to find new business opportunities. We thoroughly review the company's legal documents as soon as we receive them to advise you accordingly.

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